Under the golden sun of the Aegean Sea and only 120 meters for the famous sandy beach of Naxos, Plaka, overlooks the newly built complex of Blue Harmony Apartments.

Blue Harmony is an ideal base from which you can explore the beautiful and picturesque villages of the island and enjoy its pristine beaches, combining swimming with water sports.

Each type of accommodation is particularly scenic as it followed the architecture of the island, with a touch of blue on the white, enough to make you feel that you are in the ‘’Presbytera'’ of the Aegean sea.

Escape from your daily routine leaving your feelings lead you to us...
Cyclades, Greece
Naxos Island, Plaka Beach, 843 00
Summer Tel./Fax: +30 22850 41617
Winter Tel./Fax: +30 210 4114730
Mobile: +30 6932691178
Email: info@blueharmonynaxos.com